It is our philosophy to always look for what we need to do to maintain our health and to consciously avoid anything that can make us ill.

by Aaron Antonovsky

Sitting risks

The human doby is meant to be in motion, not to sit all day at a desk from school to workpalce for a lifetime. Today it is evidence that the sitting lifestyle increases the risk of many diseases. Inculding mental too, and it makes people unmotivated.

Sitting Disease could be:

  • because of bad body posture disk hernia
  • abnormal muscle tone enhancement causing headache, or numbness of the limbs,
  • neckache
  • various psychological problems

We developed a workout program by a physiotherapist that can help your daily workout in your office.

Workout plan

To change your sitting lifestyle into an active one


Wearable coach for you all day long!


Help to change your office lifestyle

  • The program is developed by physiotherapist Mária Puskás, who is specialized in healing diseases of typically sitting or physically inactive lifestyle. The workout program focuses on the body parts most affected by physical inactivity and helps activate these body parts. The program can be incorporated flexibly into the user’s workday routine ensuring optimal timing.
  • A smart wearable device called ClipCoach, which can be fixed on the user’s garments and to warn them by a discrete vibration if their sitting or standing posture is not correct.
  • Actlico offers a partnership to those companies who would like to change from a passive, sitting office lifestyle to an active one. The active office lifestyle offers the opportunity for a healthier team in your company. Actlico helps to understand the bad habits in front of the desk, and gives advice how to change them.